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About Us

SG MECOR PTE LTD is a reliable and progressive company engaging in residential and commercial (hotels and offices) renovation and development projects. In short to do construction together with design and M&E. Its subsidiary, OPTIMUS DEVELOPMENT PTE LTD, has over 18 years of experience in the development industry. The establishment of SG MECOR is primed towards creatively nouveau-branding and innovating to incorporate the resources of the company's factories in Singapore and China. This will provide the clients with a wider range of high-quality services.

The company's team comes with over 18 years of experience, in-depth understanding of Singapore local, and also extensive project construction exposure. The company has a woodworking and metal products factory in Singapore. Concurrently, we have acquired in-depth and intimate cooperation with foreign production partners of the same industry, including overseas suppliers.

These cooperative factories are located in many cities in China and Malaysia. This fully guarantees the service quality and also the construction quality to the satisfaction of the clients. The company is also highly emphatic towards cost saving on each project and adhering to timeliness of each project schedule, to ensure maximizing the benefits unto the clients.

SG MECOR has completed a number of projects, including bungalows, hotels and office renovation, etc. The esteemed clients include HILTON ORCHARD SINGAPORE, SINGHAIYI OFFICE, SINGAPORE POST, CHANGI AIRPORT, BABEL ASIA, THE ASIAN KITCHEN, ST ENGINEERING, and others.

The company is actively exploring more cooperation opportunities in the industry with confidence that it can give optimal service and work to the clients. It is not on a blind pursuit, rather it focus on delivering high-quality services and end results. It has the vision to use innovative ideas, authentic communication, excellent design and construction to derive the best cost and time investment to achieve the most comfortable and warm experience for the clients. In short, it will endeavor to give the best business benefits.


Our Mission 

To be innovative, cost effective with quality design and construction, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our Vision 

To be a dynamic team providing the highest quality services

Our Values 

Focus on clients' needs

Adhering to timeliness of each project schedule 

Delivering high quality services and end results 

Maintain a safe and healthy working environment

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